FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do I start using SMSgo?
    Ans : Just download SMSgo apps free to your mobile smart phone, or to your Desktop/Laptop PC from
  • How do I know SMSgo will run on my phone?
    Ans : SMSgo runs on all Java-enabled phones, Blackberry, Android and Windows phones.
  • How do I get SMSgo credits?
    Ans : You can obtain SMSgo credits using mobile payments, bank transfer/deposits or from SMSgo credits vendor around you. Visit Get Credits to begin.
  • How do I add phone numbers from my phone book to send SMS?
    Ans : When you are entering phone numbers in SMSgo mobile app(Java & Blackberry) to send SMS, you will see 'Add Phone No.' option, select it, a Textbox will appear, then, search for phone numbers in your phone book, select the desired number, and select 'Add'. It will automatically add the number. You can add as many phone numbers as you want while SMSgo concatenates them and sets them for bulk sending. That is; it will add them and seperate them with commas automatically.
  • How do I send SMS to multiple numbers at once?
    Ans : To send SMS to multiple numbers, add the numbers and seperate them with comma (,). For e.g: 08035085937,08051213456,08092123456,08021234542, etc.
  • How do I send to all GSM networks in Nigeria?
    Ans : Enter the numbers as usual in your phone. E.g: 08034345567
  • How do I share my SMSgo credits with my family and friends?
    Ans : To transfer and share credits, go to 'Account' option, select the 'Share' menu. Enter the recipient's phone number and the amount of credit to share. Select the 'Send' option to share.
  • How do I check my SMSgo credits balance?
    Ans : It is very easy. Go to 'Account' option, select 'Balance' menu, and wait for the balance to appear.
  • How do I recharge my SMSgo credits?
    Ans : Go to 'Account' option, select 'Recharge' menu, then, enter your recharge pin, and select 'Send' option to recharge.
  • How do I send SMS to international network numbers?
    Ans : To send to international numbers, enter the full phone number including the country code without the '+' sign. E.g: to send to Germany; 714568907, to send to UK; 0092378969877. You can check the countries available and their country codes here
  • Do I need to have airtime on my phone before using SMSgo?
    Ans : You may need to have very small airtime (as less as 20Kobo) or may not, once your gprs works.
  • Who uses SMSgo?
    Ans : Anybody that has Java-enabled or Blackberry or Android or Windows phones. Or internet-enabled phone.
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