How it works
To get SMS going
  • Download free SMSgo mobile app on your smart phone, and install it. SMSgo mobile apps are available in Java/Symbian, Blackberry, Android, Windows platforms. Other platforms coming soon.
  • Ensure your phone mobile data connection is working properly.
  • Set up your SMSgo user account using the installed app.
  • Top up credit units on your SMSgo user account, and start sending SMS as you wish. You can obtain SMSgo credit units from Get Credits
  • For PC; Download free SMSgo (Pavillon) and install on your PC (Laptop or Desktop).
  • Ensure your internet connection is working. Then, do as said in step (3) and (4) above.
  • To utilize its MS Excel features like exporting/importing contacts or messages to MS Excel, make sure at least Microsoft Office 2005 is installed on your PC.