• It sends cheap SMS to all GSM networks in Nigeria and abroad.
  • It is data-friendly, works at a low data charges. No opening of multiple web pages. All SMSgo apps are native apps.
  • Scam and duplicate phone numbers detection.
  • Adds phone numbers from your mobile phone book.
  • Saves messages to Draft for later use.
  • It sends SMS to single and multiple numbers at once. It is very good for bulk SMS from your mobile. Just seperate the numbers with comma. E.g: 08035084837,0809144279,...etc.
  • Shares and transfers credit with family and friends.
  • Quickly checks your SMSgo credit balance.
  • Sends SMS with customised and personalised sender name.
  • Sends SMS to local and international networks. Just enter the full international numbers. E.g: 0091515228,918823779,..etc.
  • Do not worry in case of your phone loss or damage, you can always sign in to start using your account, when you buy another phone or with another person's phone.
  • Browse your phonebook and send SMS to selected contacts.
  • Backup-Sync-Restore your restore phone contacts anytime/anywhere. No qualms even when you lost your phone.
  • Import data from file in your memory card/phone memory. E.g text file.
  • Get dozens and hundreds of sms/text message templates from ever-growing SMSgo sms templates farm.
  • Create contact groups and manage them.
  • Publish or Order your products and services at SMSgo marketplace.
  • Download audio, video music, ringing tones, etc.
  • It has English words dictionary, real-time Currency converter and Weather report utility.
  • It has customizable color themes and beautiful background images.
  • Its unique UI make it user-friendly.
PC Only
  • Create contacts and groups
  • Import phone numbers from MS Excel and CSV
  • Import contacts from MS Excel/CSV
  • Export contacts to MS Excel/CSV as a backup
  • Export SMS messages to MS Excel as a backup
  • Filter/Search contacts and messages fast
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